Manly Daily, Saturday 28 May 2016: “Firm Adds Inspiration to Ledger”

Firm adds inspiration to ledger

Rod Bennett


THE northern beaches has its global stars, such as sports heroes Tom Carroll and George Smith and musicians Angus and Julia Stone, Iva Davies and INXS.

But now we have a guru in the business world, too, with a Brookvale accountancy firm being named one of the most “inspirational” in the world.

Elanora Heights’ Craig Stanmore and his team at Jaques Stanmore have raised more than $1.3 million for charity and have been recognised for inspiring the world with a culture of generosity.

“Accountants are not necessarily known for their generosity,” Mr Stanmore said.

“But I think over the last five years or so that has begun to change.”

The mantle was given by UK author Steve Pipe in his book The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants, saying Jaques Stanmore employed a “culture of generosity and dedication to the community (that) is raising the bar for accountants”.

Jaques Stanmore began a tax deductible foundation and, in the words of Mr Stanmore, it grew from there.

“And outside of the fund, if a client wants us to sponsor something, we’ll sponsor it,” he said.

“I think we are well placed to be socially responsible because of the numbers of people we talk to.

“We believe the community’s needs are not just the responsibility of governments, they are also the responsibility of the private sector.”


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