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  • At Enspira Financial, we measure our success by your success.

    Over the years as we have worked with hundreds of successful business and private individual clients to assist in their journey towards achieving their aspirations, whether it be through Isaacs & Cole, Jaques Stanmore, Abby Practice or our merged business, Enspira.

    Here’s what they have to say:


    I have known some of the team for over 10 years and have moved both my businesses to their bookkeeping, tax, business development and coaching services. Their broad skill set, attention to detail, knowledge and honesty won my work, plus the fact that they are always looking beyond themselves through sponsoring those less fortunate. I highly recommend Jaques Stanmore (now Enspira Financial)!
    Tim Nimmo, Personal Property Consultant, i4property

    After thirteen years as business owners we’ve finally found an accounting firm that fill us with confidence. Thank you to Steve Cole, Kyah and the team at Isaacs & Cole (now Enspira Financial).
    Stephen and Jenny Mays, Explore and Develop Childcare

    As an immigrant to Australia, finding your way around the tax and accounting systems can prove challenging and present steep learning curves. I was fortunate to have a lifelong friend and city accountant refer me to the Jaques Stanmore Group (now Enspira Financial) a couple of years after my arrival in Australia. Not only have I been serviced by professionals, but I have made friends and feel like a part of the family whenever we meet. The word that springs to mind when I consider JSG is integrity. Such a rare commodity in today’s world and nestling at the epicentre of this group. I have extended my association with JSG from my initial company to providing support as virtual CFO for another group that I am involved in. This more recent initiative has provided a useful alternative to the choice of wholly employed managers and has worked well, with improvements continually being applied along the way.


    No relationship works independently of occasional error, and I have always found the JS group prepared to confront any issue professionally, never with apportioning blame and always with the intent to find the right solutions.


    Would I recommend their services to corporates and individuals – unequivocally!
    Peter Friedmann, Managing Director, Kelpactive

    Sid seems on top of the affairs of his business, yet is unstinting with his time – and this is how any client feels it should be. Certainly a pleasant, genuinely caring accounting professional.
    Angus Dougall, Dougall Family Superannuation Fund

    I have been a client of Isaacs & Cole (now Enspira Financial) for approximately 20 years and until recently, all I ever thought I needed was the Quality Compliance Services they provide for my Super Fund.  I have a self- managed superannuation fund, and as I am at an age where I should start thinking about planning for my retirement, my managing partner Rebecca Collins recently contacted me regarding a service Isaacs & Cole provide around superannuation planning.
    Initially I was not totally sure or convinced I needed this sort of planning service.  However I couldn’t have been more wrong.  We sat down to discuss the results and I came away from our meeting with clear scenarios and options on how I can manage and build my nest egg in the most tax effective manner, along with financial projections for each scenario.  The proposed strategies not only considered the position of my self- managed superannuation fund, but my overall financial position.
    Therefore, Rebecca and her team have demonstrated that they adopt a very holistic approach to their advice and recommendations.
    Rebecca quite rightly identified that I needed to start planning for my future, and I trust that she will continue to pre-empt my needs going forward.  She and her team provided me with a very cost-effective and critical service, and provided it very competently.
    As a result, I feel that I am in very good hands with regards to how my eventual retirement will play out.  The money was well spent.
    Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending Isaacs & Cole, for their very thorough and well thought out tax and retirement planning methodology.
    Garry Scarborough, Chairman, The Scarborough Superannuation Fund

    I spend a lot of time overseas from June to September i.e. during the year end period when critical decisions have to be made concerning tax management and distribution of funds from our family trust. Sook has been particularly helpful in planning around my absences, drawing up schedules of what she need from me (and when) and sharing documents through the client portal. As a result our year end activities run as efficiently as if I was in Australia through the year end period.
    Ian Spight, Director & Owner, Choice Magazine, Brookvale Travel Centre

    I have been working with Isaacs and Cole (now Enspira Financial) for more than five years now. Since the beginning, I have found Steve Cole to be a dedicated, supportive, genuine and extremely talented professional. Steve’s strategy advice, creative thinking and business expertise has made his services indispensable for our business. I highly recommend him and his team. Thank you!
    Victoria Moxey, Director & Founder, Urban Walkabout

    Thank you so much for preparing our tax returns in your usual highly efficient and speedy mode! (We must be the only ones in Australia to have tax returns and bound copies of Financial Reports by 29 July!!!) Thank you very much once again for your invaluable service – every year I thank my lucky stars that I have access to it.
    Baiba Neimanis, Director, Hornsby Spares

    Steve’s incredible memory for detail of my financial and tax affairs along with his gentle and firm manner, sound recommendations and practical thinking make me feel as if I am his only client!  This is such a refreshing change from the ’normal’ customer service out there! Keep it up Steve!
    Lynn Garbers, Master Mentor and Executive Coach, Eagle Achievements

    [The team at Enspira] are lovely and very patient. Thank you for all your work!

    It has been great pleasure to have the guidance of [Enspira Financial] over the past 6 months.
    I came to a point in my golfing business that I didn’t know which way to go and what I was going to do next as this real world after professional sports is scary.
    With [Enspira’s] guidance I am now on the right track. [Enspira’s] years of experience in business gave me the confidence to follow the business plan that we developed. The clear vision I now have is imperative for the growth of my business.
    I would recommend [Enspira] if you want someone who has your best interest at heart.
    Paul Gow

    Over the years Abby Practice (now Enspira Financial) has been really helpful for us – especially when Sid advised us to set up a SMSF and buy the business property we’re in. Not only can we ring Sid anytime but he’s very proactive and suggests improvements rather than being reactive as some accountants have been in the past. Sid initiates better outcomes for us, which is fantastic.
    Lyon Technics

    Isaacs & Cole (now Enspira Financial) have been SABAR’s accountants since the business started in 1994 and in that time they have helped us through the ups and downs of running a small business. I joined SABAR in 2008 as the General Manager and have been working closely with Isaacs & Cole ever since. I have found the advice and guidance they provide to be both sound and supportive without being controlling or demeaning, and our relationship has been invaluable to the success of the business which has doubled in size each year for the last three years. In my 20 odd years of running my own businesses as well as other businesses, and dealing with several accounting firms along the way I have not found a better one than Isaacs & Cole. I have recommended them to my business associates and those who have moved have continually thanked me for suggesting that they improve our accounting practices by moving from their existing accountant to Isaacs & Cole. I guess you can tell I am satisfied with their service and competency.
    Joseph Scicluna, Group Chief Executive Officer, SABAR Technologies

    I really appreciate your honesty and advice, it’s exactly what I needed to form the strategy.  You have in fact helped to define the decision and I will do as suggested. Thanks again.