• At Enspira, we want our client’s businesses to grow. We understand the challenges of running a business and how one goes from being expert in one particular area to requiring expertise in a multitude of areas such as Financial Management, Marketing, HR, Writing a Business Plan. To assist our clients in remaining current, we run a series of complimentary workshops on a range of topics.

    Business Briefings are held from 9am to 10am online.

    Workshops are held from 12pm to 1pm online.

    See below for a list of upcoming workshops at our various locations. Remember to register if you’d like to attend, as spots are limited and fill up quickly!


Upcoming Workshops

Change Management: Boost your probability of Success

Tue 13th Oct 2020 09-10am - Brookvale

Change is inevitable in the business world and can be tricky to manage. Effective management of change sets successful businesses apart. To find out how you can better manage change within your business, come along to our Business Briefing.


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