our purpose

  • Enspira Financial is a relationship-based advisory accounting firm. Our purpose is to help you achieve your aspirations. Our passion is to enable you to scale-up your business and financial world and reach your desired financial destination.

    We help you take control of your financial world with the right design, right information and right compliance, so you can take the next step in your financial journey.

    Enspira //   The word, Enspira, articulates our core purpose, which is to enable the successful pursuit of financial aspirations. Sounding like the word “inspire”, we give inspiration and guidance as our clients navigate the uncertain journey towards achievement of their goals and aspirations.

    Enspira Passion

    Our Passion

    We are passionate about helping you scale-up your business and financial world so you can reach your aspirations.

    We help you take control of your financial world with the right design, right information and right compliance systems.

    We help you scale up your business with clear one page planning, practical change management processes and embedding robust functionality.

    We help you reach your wealth aspirations with big picture planning, smart strategies, structuring and ongoing monitoring.


    Enspira Values

    Our Values

    At the heart of Enspira Financial is a commitment to uphold the following values in all that we do and at every level of our organisation:

    • Adaptablity
    • Engagement
    • Integrity

    Always, we pursue excellence


    Enspira History

    Our History

    Enspira Financial was born out of the merge of three successful firms, Jaques Stanmore Financial Group, Isaacs & Cole, and Abby Practice; founded by Craig Stanmore, Steve Cole and Sid Edwards respectively. Each firm had over 20 years of experience prior to the merge, and was successful in bringing the expertise and professionalism of large accounting firms to businesses and individuals.

    Having worked together on numerous projects since 2011, it quickly became apparent to Craig Stanmore and Steve Cole, the founders of Jaques Stanmore and Isaacs & Cole respectively, that both businesses were aligned in many respects. Both firms shared a unified vision for how to best serve their clients, team and community both now and into the future. The idea to bring the businesses together was born.

    In 2015, Craig crossed paths with Sidney Edwards, founder of Abby Practice, and discovered yet another kindred spirit in both ideals and business approach. Abby Practice became a part of Jaques Stanmore in January 2016.

    Enspira Financial was formed on 1 July 2016 to enable us to work together under one unified brand and provide a broader spectrum of experience and expertise to our combined client base.

    The Enspira Financial client base has grown and evolved over time and is now diverse in terms of geographic, demographic and industry representation. We have developed a complete range of services to help you achieve your goals, no matter what stage of life you or your business are in. We advise clients from all walks of life, from those in established retail and wholesale businesses, to clients in start-up businesses, clients who consult, clients who invest, to clients planning their retirement.

    Today, Enspira Financial spans three locations, two in Sydney and one in Melbourne:

    Brookvale, NSW
    Hornsby, NSW
    Docklands, VIC

    Many of our clients have been with us since our beginnings in 1994, and we have had the privilege of being part of every milestone in their lives, be it financial or personal. 
    Steve Cole, Partner