Improve revenue in your business: Sales & Marketing Workshop

Is it time to think creatively about your sales and marketing strategies for the New Year?

Successful businesses need to be innovative to achieve their “share of voice” in today’s noisy sales and marketing environment.

Those who have a direct, close relationship with their customers tend to be intuitive about their customers’ wants, needs and decision making processes.

It’s the smart business owners who learn how to leverage this customer focus into creative and carefully targeted sales and marketing campaigns that deliver great returns on investment dollars… and ultimately build sustainable revenue.

To assist local businesses with their sales and marketing initiatives, Enspira Financial is hosting a complimentary workshop lunch with a guest speaker to present “Sales and Marketing Strategies”.

The workshop inspires business owners to take a fresh look at their customers’ experience and think creatively about sales and marketing strategies that will ensure future growth.

Join us on Tuesday 13 February 2018 from 12-2pm, at Suite 702, 90 George St, Hornsby. Start the New Year with a successful approach to increasing revenue in your business.