Rebecca Collins


Rebecca is the partner that oversees the Melbourne branch of Enspira Financial. Extraordinarily capable, Rebecca is responsible for successfully building the Melbourne team from the ground up. Much more than just a Chartered Accountant, Rebecca’s passion lies in helping clients identify and realise their goals. As such her expertise is varied across all facets of tax and strategic planning, be it for individuals or businesses. But in particular, Rebecca’s passion is in strategy and forward planning. She loves working on ways to help you plan ahead and protect your assets, minimise your tax, and nurture your business.

Rebecca is a natural at establishing and nurturing relationships. Her genuine interest and desire to help means she excels at looking at the big picture to apply the context of a client’s personal and business circumstances, investments and aspirations, in formulating the best strategy going forward. Colleagues also benefit from Rebecca’s relationship driven approach. She is a keen mentor to her team and any new graduates joining the firm, and invests time to help colleagues meet the challenges of the Chartered Accountant qualification.

Rebecca’s magic fingers extend to beyond just numbers and people. She’s also quite the talented musician! Having a long standing interest in the piano, Rebecca is now also learning the guitar! When she can find time out of her busy schedule, Rebecca loves unwinding with friends, family and her three children.

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