Rahul Agarwal

Client Manager

Rahul has over 10 years of experience in the industry and excels at all aspects of accounting and taxation. He has a Masters in Accounting, holds a CTA2 and is a CPA. In particular, Rahul is expert at individual tax returns, capital gains tax, tax law research and small business work. A true lover of numbers and problem solving, Rahul is passionate about looking behind the numbers to discover the stories they tell. He loves nothing more than meticulously unraveling challenges to bring order to the figures in his care. He is also keenly interested in the mechanics of the financial markets, and loves the challenge of keeping up to date with complex regulations.

Rahul’s passion isn’t limited to numbers, he is equally enthusiastic about sports of all kinds – rugby, athletics, tennis, golf… you name it! His ideal weekend is comprised of unwinding to a good sports game and reading sports reviews, intermitted with a movie or two.