Peter Tracey


Peter is a partner who, in addition to being an Accountant and a member of the NTAA, is also a tech guru in possession of an invaluable and unique skill set that’s perfectly suited to his role heading up Enspira’s “Design” team. His particular expertise in IT and detailed understanding of the intricacies of Virtual Management Accounting systems enables him to pick out and design the perfect system to suit any businesses’ needs, no matter what industry, size or stage of growth.

By setting in place the correct foundational systems, Peter is able to leverage technology to advance entrepreneurial businesses. From cloud accounting to management reporting, customer relationship management and business processes, Peter excels at designing the best systems to enable efficiency, accurate information, compliance and growth. He enjoys applying himself to the challenge of tailoring the perfect system to meet not only a client’s current needs, but also catering to the potential for growth further down the track.

In addition to being the resident IT and Virtual Management Accounting expert, Peter is appreciated by clients and colleagues for his hard working and down-to-earth nature. Always willing to take a moment to help out and answer any questions, Peter is a cheerful and friendly person who turns a normal day in the office into a true pleasure! When not working, you’ll likely find him strumming his guitar to a tune or playing football.