Nikki Affleck

General Manager

Nikki is an energetic and committed worker who puts her Business Diploma and Financial Planning CertIV to effective use at Enspira’s Melbourne branch. With over 20 years’ experience working in accounting, the whole team counts on Nikki’s innovative big-picture thinking, problem solving and impeccable organisational abilities to keep the engines oiled and operations running seamlessly. She is a real people person with strong interpersonal skills, and a particular appreciation for opportunities to connect with clients and build genuine, positive, working relationships. Nikki’s committed work ethic carries over to other aspects of her life. She carries the Enspira passion for giving back and displays her philanthropic side through driving a range of initiatives in her local community; for example, gardening for the elderly on weekends, and participating in a charity head shave.  When she is not working, you will typically find her out enjoying nature, or working on a project in the garage.