Katrina Stanmore

Executive Assistant

Katrina has a bubbly, go-getter personality that motivates everyone around her… including the boss! Having worked with Craig for over 10 years, she has been able to put her extensive experience in fields such as advertising, politics and finance to brilliant use. She’s like the air-traffic controller in Craig’s life. Not only does Katrina assist in managing office intricacies across Craig’s businesses and interests, but she also helps him navigate the intersections between work, family and social obligations to keep all facets running without a hitch.

Others describe her as an ever-ready battery. She charges through every challenge presented with passionate gusto. Her energy, drive and fun-loving approach to work and life is nothing less than inspiring… and completely contagious for everyone around! Katrina’s 110% approach extends to beyond just work. She is just as passionate about growing English scented roses, reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, finding a good chuckle on Pinterest, doting on large, fluffy animals… the list goes on!