Catherine White


With over 30 years’ industry experience and a career journey that has spanned Australian and UK shores, Catherine has been the technical backbone at Isaacs & Cole for over 17 years preceding the merge into Enspira. Much more than just a Chartered Accountant, Catherine’s passion for tax has led her to complete a Masters in Taxation and become a Fellow of the Institute of Taxation and a Registered Tax Agent. She has a knack for answering the most complex and curly of tax questions in a simple to understand fashion that turns both routine tax matters and strategic advice into an engaging experience for all involved. Known for her level-headed approach and steady, calm confidence, Catherine is not one to be rattled lightly and loves a good challenge! She especially enjoys the challenges from the always-evolving tax landscape. Even when events disrupt the best-laid plans, she is continually looking to help clients to make the best of their situations.

Not only is Catherine technically excellent, she is also very personable and well versed on all the ins and outs of both client and team management. Her drive to impact those around her is represented well in her dealings with her clients, with the tenure of her longstanding client relationships being testament to this. Her exuberance, openness and passion are evident in everything she does and makes her the life and soul of any group! She’s not only an overachiever in her work, but also in her personal hobbies. Catherine will often time be found living her motto: “Live life to the full,” by tearing up the ski slopes, preferably in Canada!

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