industry specialisation

Financial Services Industry

The Financial Services industry has been through significant changes over the past decade, following extensive regulatory reform and the emergence of new technologies in the industry. It is more important than ever for businesses in this sector to track performance and future-proof their success.


Industry Specialisation

We offer the following services to assist your financial services business:


Financial Services Knowledge

We can assist your business in a variety of industry-specific areas:

  • Australian Financial Services License
  • Cash Needs & Surplus Liquid Funds/Adjusted Surplus Liquid Funds Requirement
  • Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Net Tangible Assets Requirement
  • Statutory Audit
  • Trust Account Audit


Measurements of Success

We understand measurement of success in the Financial Services industry and work with KPIs such as Revenue Growth, Income Sources, Revenue Concentration, Profitability Over Time, Liquidity and more. We can help your organisation achieve its aspirations by customising success measurement and reporting.


Financial Services Clients

Enspira Financial has in-depth experience in Financial Management and Business Advisory for the following businesses:

  • Financial Planners
  • Finance Brokers
  • Australian Financial Services Licensors
  • Managed Funds
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Investment Advisors
  • Insurance Advisors
  • Over-the-Counter Derivative Issuers