Dashboard Tool: Improve Business Performance – 3.9

The best way to enhance the performance of a small business is to understand what drives success. Each business has unique success drivers, some of them obvious and some, not so obvious. Adjusting a few business performance variables by as little as 1% can have surprisingly impactful results.

Enspira has developed a unique dashboard tool that uses live data feeds to display real-time metrics on your business.  These customised metrics help you understand the key drivers in your business and the potential impact of leveraging each of these variables to your advantage.

Our business advisory team has found that entrepreneurs make the best strategic decisions when armed with real data, real insights and realistic scenario planning.


Metrics that matter

Having meaningful metrics at your fingertips helps you keep on track with the current and potential success of your business. Are you on track with your budget? Do you know your break-even point? How can you improve your gross margin? What has the most impact on your revenue? How can you increase transaction values and the number of transactions per customer? How can you improve cashflow without changing your profit? Our Dashboard Tool:

  • Curates data for usable analysis
  • Displays visual, easily accessible information for monitoring performance and effective decision-making
  • Is tailored to your business and the specific criteria that will take your business where you want it to go
  • Uses live direct feeds so is up-to-date every day
  • Is mobile – view your business performance anywhere, anytime.



Health Check

The Health Check feature of the Dashboard Tool helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business through monitoring Key Performance Indicators such as Revenue, Gross Margin, Profit, Cash, Inventory, Debtors and Creditors. It’s live real-time data so you can be agile in responding to business conditions.


Financial Analysis

Take a deeper dive into customised reporting on any metrics that matter: revenue by customer, revenue by team member, map your sales by State or by date range. Driving change may only take small tweaks in key business variables. For example, if we change a few key business drivers by as little as 1%, what might that do for the business performance? Learn how to generate more leads, improve your conversion rate, increase number of transactions per customer and raise your average transaction value. You name it, our powerful dashboard tool can interrogate the data and create the report you need.


Scenario Reporting

The million-dollar question that keeps business owners awake at night is “What if?” Our Dashboard tool empowers your business strategy with predictive analysis so that you can model different scenarios such as forecast sales, break-even points, understand how and where you acquire clients, where you need your team, which locations you need to focus on and much more. Make informed decisions by crunching the data with the Dashboard Tool.


Tailored Dashboards

Our Dashboard tool can be customised to the specific metrics that will drive growth in your unique business. A tailored Dashboard can help you hone in on the most relevant business drivers that improve performance. Whether you need to focus on sales conversion, productivity, operations or any other tactical refinement, a customised dashboard that tracks results in real time will give you the information you need to improve results. Success after all, is about focus.

Dashboards ideally work in conjunction with a Business Advisory Program that helps leverage meaningful metrics into sound business strategies and ultimately build a stronger business and saleable asset.

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